Learn these vape skills and you will become a master of vape

Learn these vape skills and you will become a master of vape

  • Caijunyu

Are you very envious that others can use vape to perform smoke performances, follow ↓ to learn the skills of blowing smoke, you will soon master the skills, practice hard, and you will be the next master of smoking!

一. Spit O-shaped smoke rings

1. Take a deep breath of the e-cigarette and let a lot of smoke press down your throat;

2. Press the tongue down;

3. Open your lips into an O shape and slowly push out the smoke with your throat;

4. As the lips adjust, slowly change the size of the smoke ring


二. Seven orifices generate smoke (smoke is exhaled from the nose and corners of the mouth)

1. Take a deep breath of the electronic cigarette for as long as possible, remember not to inhale in the middle;

2. Exhale forcefully from both sides of your nose and mouth at the same time.

三. Waterfall (smoke from your mouth to your nose)

1. Smoke e-cigarettes for as long as possible, but don’t inhale them into your throat;

2. Stretch out the lower jaw, a bit like biting;

3. Slowly open your mouth and let the smoke float out by itself;

4. Use your nose to inhale the wafting smoke.


四.Common Reasons Why You Can’t Blow Smoke Rings

1.Not Enough Vapor
If the vapor you inhale is not enough, there is no way you will make smoke rings. This is because the smoke rings are made of lots of vapor. So when there isn’t enough vapor, there won’t be any smoke rings to produce.

2.The Environment
How windy is the environment where you are vaping. Even a slight draft is enough to prevent you from producing smoke rings. So ensure that you are in a calm environment with light or no movement of air before you try to blow smoke rings.

How long have you practiced. Only dragons are supposed to be born with the ability to blow fire and smoke rings. Since you are not one, you should practice the right technique and form, time and time again.




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