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Why choose electronic cigarettes! What are the benefits of e-cigarettes?

The essential difference with cigarettes:

  1.Does not contain harmful tar ingredients, no carcinogens

  2.No burning, no harmful chemical substances produced after burning

  3.No harm to others and environmental pollution caused by "second-hand smoke"

  4.No fire hazard, can be used in non-smoking and fire-proof places

The raw material that generates the atomized gas in the "electronic cigarette" mouthpiece contains only a small amount of the refreshing agent nicotine, and does not contain tar and other chemicals that deposit tartar, so the "electronic cigarette" does not form tartar and odor. The advent of "electronic cigarettes" heralds that "smoking" is about to enter the era of health. Experts emphasized that such a design can not only satisfy the cravings of smokers, but also completely avoid harm to human health and reduce the occurrence of "smoking cessation syndrome" in quitters.


How the product works:

  1. No tobacco and combustion process, no tar and other carcinogenic and harmful ingredients, no combustion product hazards, no fire hazard

  2. Humanized design, simulate smoke and mist 

  3. It does not pollute the environment, and the smoke it sucks out is the aerosol formed by the atomization of nicotinic lye

  4.shielding electromagnetic waves, no electromagnetic radiation

  5.Contains high-purity pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, designed according to "nicotine replacement therapy" to achieve pain-free smoking cessation


  6. The nicotine content of each e-liquid core is lower than the nicotine content of ordinary 20 cigarettes. Through the special liquid supply obstacle state design, the smoker cannot use the device to "smoking" continuously, reducing the frequency of use and ensuring the health of the user. . Can work normally at ambient temperature -5℃——42℃ 

  7. Wide range of use


Unlike ordinary cigarettes:

  1. Don't change your habits

  2. Refreshing, relieve smoking addiction


The difference from ordinary cigarettes:

  1. Does not contain harmful tar components, no carcinogens

  2. No second-hand smoke pollution

  3. There is no fire hazard, and you can smoke in airplanes,offices, and reading books in bed

  4. According to the scientifi cprocedure of the four-step smoking cessation method to achieve a happy and complete smoking cessation




  1.Take care the customers in any way possible.

  2.Provide the highest quality products possible.

  3.Bring the best quality products at the lowest possible price.

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