Vaping Do's and Don'ts

Vaping Do's and Don'ts

  • junyu Cai

If you’re new to vaping or just want a quick refresher, here’s a rundown of things you should and should not do to enjoy vaping to the fullest.

Do’s for Happy Vaping

Follow these tips to stay safe, happy and healthy while you vape.

Keep It Clean

Keep your vape device clean. Clean the mouthpiece daily, and wipe gunk from your atomizer tank and connections. Clean the mouthpiece and battery area of your pod mod. More on cleaning your device here.

Get Permission Before You Get Fired Up

Always ask about the house rules before you puff away. Most people are fine with vaping, especially if you use a discreet device. Direct the smoke up or down so you’re not hitting people in the face with your vapor.

Observe the Smoking Rules

In public places like airports, office buildings and even some restaurants, you may have to follow the same rules as smokers. Most smoking bans include e-cigarettes and vapes. Even if you go outside, check that you’re in a designated spot. Some laws require smokers and vapers to stay a certain distance from the entrance.

Clean or Change the Coils

If you ever pull on a burnt coil, you’ll taste it. That nasty taste will overpower any juice flavor you’ve got in your device. Sugary flavors can gunk coils up quickly, so make sure you stay on top of this if you prefer sweet flavors.

Store the Liquid Safely

Although e-liquid has a long shelf life, it’s still perishable. Keep your e-liquid in a dark, cool place and it will last longer. Sunlight and heat can cause it to change color and taste. Some people refrigerate it to ensure it stays fresh.

Know the Different Styles of Vaping

When you talk about vaping, know which style of vape experience you prefer. That will help you choose devices, coils and accessories. Every vape setup gives you a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or a direct-to-lung (DL) vaping experience.

Most smokers who switch to vaping prefer an MTL experience since that’s what cigarettes deliver. These devices usually produce smaller clouds and what vapers call a “throat hit.” If you prefer vapor that goes directly to your lungs, choose a DL setup. These devices usually produce intense flavor and large clouds.

Go Ahead and Stealth Vape

You know you’re going to, and most vapers do it. Stealth vaping means using your vape device in a way that people don’t even notice. If you use a small, low-power device and hold the vapor before you exhale, you’ll produce almost no vapor. It’s a lot more polite than wafting gigantic clouds around.

You can puff discreetly at work, at the movies, in a bar or on the street. We don’t recommend trying it on an airplane because the smoke sensors can pick up even tiny amounts of vapor. It’s up to you when, how and where you choose to stealth vape, just be smart about it.

Don'ts for Happy Vaping

What about the things you should not do? Here are the top things to avoid.

Don’t Leave It In the Sun

Never leave your vape device out in the sun. Don’t leave it on your car seat when you’re parked on a sunny day, on a stove or on any other hot surface. You’ll be in real trouble if your vape device overheats and catches on fire.

Don’t Charge Your Device Overnight

Most vaping dangers happen when you mishandle the device’s batteries. One of the worst things you can do is overcharge it. This can cause it to explode, catch on fire or kill the battery.

Many devices come with built-in overcharge protection, but you can’t rely on this. Overcharging can cause even this protection to fail. Charge the device or the batteries only when you’re awake and alert. Make sure you stay close by so you can unplug the device once the charge is full.

Don’t Charge It With Your Phone or Laptop

While we’re on the subject of charging, don’t get careless about charging your device. Only use the high-quality, specially designated charging equipment that came with your device. If it came with a cord only, hook that up to the wall with a USB plug.

Each device runs on its own voltage, and using the wrong voltage could damage your vape setup. Never charge it with a laptop, phone or tablet because you could damage those devices if there’s a surge or a short. Keep all your devices safe by using only their own designated chargers.

Don’t Be a Cloud Clod

Most people don’t mind if you vape around them, but nobody appreciates huge, billowing clouds in their face. If you’re in a bar or restaurant, don’t fill up the space with your vapor. Go outside or use a device that makes smaller clouds when you’re in public.

Don’t Vape Around Children

Vaping around children is a mistake for several reasons. You don’t know that vapor isn’t harmful to little lungs, and their parents may not appreciate having their children exposed to it. You also don’t want children to pick up the idea that vaping is cool.

Don’t Let Children and Pets Near Your Supplies

Your e-juices contain high levels of nicotine. Nicotine in these concentrated doses is poisonous if it’s consumed directly. The sweet flavors of these e-juices can make them attractive to children and pets, but eating the juice can kill them. Keep your e-liquids in a safe place.

It’s All  
About Common Sense and Courtesy

Most of these vaping rules have to do with basic safety precautions and respect for others. If you’re considerate of other people, you’ll know what to do in most situations. Vaping is an enjoyable hobby. Doing it the right way makes it even more enjoyable.


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